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Who do we have to blame for News Rodeo?
Jonah Jonah is the co-creator of News Rodeo. Jonah has a love of comedy, writing for multiple strips in Viz Magazine. He also is an official cartoon network cartoonist, according to a certificate he received when he was 7. Jonah loves satire and news-based comedy, so working on News Rodeo with his friend Hannah is a great oppportunity.
Hannah Hannah is the co-creator of News Rodeo. She is a reformed accountant who performed stand-up and improv comedy in Manchester in her student years. She has a love for radio and podcasting along with news and current affairs, so is currently loving the opportunity to work on News Rodeo with her friend Jonah.
Desmond Desmond is the world famous News Rodeo Horse. Desmond discovered a love of comedy and funny hats when he met Jonah and Hannah at university (they were neighbours), becoming firm friends in the process. He carries the weight of the show on his back, being the friendly face and providing most of the jokes. He puts up with working with Jonah and Hannah on News Rodeo, but sees it more as a stepping stone to greater things.

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